NJSCUA - OVERVIEW of Umpires' Training Program, Organized and Coordinated by NJSCUA:

About NJSCUA's Involvement with the Training Program:


Do you fancy becoming the 'man' (or woman) standing in the middle of a Cricket game?
Do you simply want to be more knowledgeable with Cricket Laws?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the confidence and the knowledge behind yourself to manage a full match of cricket?  
Do you want to be a Certified Umpire & add a 'feather' to your Umpiring CV?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand as an Umpire in an international match?

If you are truly a cricket enthusiast & answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then NJSCUA can help you out by pointing you on the road to 'success', in a very efficient and a cost effective way.

NJSCUA is the non-profit body, striving continually for the interests of our members, cricket Players', Umpires' and Scorers', to continually develop and promote high-quality cricket & Umpiring, to establish and sustain NJSCUA as a prominent Cricket League and an symbol of Cricket in the area.  NJSCUA is working very hard during for the benefit and enjoyment of our members and others, even during off-season and, in particular, training those Umpires' active in the recreational game and wishing to progress to International Level.  Please refer to About Us page for more details about NJSCUA.

NJSCUA believes 'Quality Umpiring' has been and continues to be one of the corner-stones on which the growth of NJSCUA and overall improvement in the standard of cricket hinges on.  It is our desire to keep our Umpires' and members motivated so as to sustain their interest in cricket in general and Umpiring in particular.  NJSCUA is committed to assist our members and Umpires' in referring, providing education and training with respect to Cricket Laws in general, with more focus on the Umpiring aspect.  In so doing they can still lend their expertise to this noble game while enjoying the sport at a new level.

NJSCUA is proud to be associated with USACUA and both organizations have teamed up since 2010 with one common vision, which is, to introduce state-of-the-art training on Cricket Laws that raises the level of on-field competence and professional development while ensuring that competence level remains consistently high.  Our main focus is to impart complete knowledge of the laws of the sport, to not just as many Umpires' as possible, but also to heads of clubs, leagues, captains, and other cricket organizations with a view to raising the general understanding of the sport and it's laws. This could only make the functioning of the sport within the area, that much more efficient and enjoyable to all those who are involved with it.

The training course detailed below is being organized/conducted by NJSCUA since 2010, as per the guidelines of the USA Cricket Umpires' Association (USACUA) and in turn its parent body, The West Indies Cricket Umpire's Association (WICUA).  The training program covers all the relevant laws of the game. 

Whether you want to Umpire as a career or just take charge of the occasional match, there's something there for you.

The courses normally run for about 12+ weeks - session of around Four to Five hours per week - with homework in between.  The training program is in line with the current training and certification process followed by the USACUA for its members in New York & else where and is expected to start from third week of January each year.  Here are some details for the current year;

o Start Date: Sunday, January 19th, 2014

o Start Time: Every Sunday for 12+ weeks 8.00 AM to 12 Noon

o Location & Address:

       Training as such will be ONLINE and such you can log in from the comfort of your own home (login details will be mailed to registered applicants) 

ALL Examinations will be conducted at a pre determined time/location which will be announced before the exams.

o Trainers: The Primary Trainers for NJ area will be;

       Mr. Deepak Katte, President, NJSCUA, Vice President and NJ Area Training Officer, USACUA

       Mr. Ram Ragoo, Trustee &  MD/DC/VA Area Training Officer, USACUA

o Contact: Deepak KattePresident, NJSCUAPresident@njscua.com – 732-762-9043 (cell)

NJSCUA prides itself at the rigorous training procedures it follows for its Umpires' who undergo three to four years of in-class and practical training, combined with a 4 levels of examinations to secure the “FULL West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association Certification”.

It is no less than to introduce the best, most rigorous Umpire (and, in due course, scorer) training in the world. This will feature courses that have been independently validated and approved by a recognized educational body, leading to qualifications that have a value in the real world, not just within cricket.  Additionally, this qualification will be a meaningful and a helpful addition to your 'Umpiring Resume'.

If you would like to register for this Umpires' Training course or if you wish to get more info about the training program, then please send us an email to President@NJSCUA.com and we will provide all the necessary details.  Please note that most of the details are already published below in the relevant sections on this page.

NOTE: NJSCUA and USACUA are two independent organizations, each having their own setup, objectives & goals, but share a common vision, which is to work for improving the overall Umpiring standards in the area.  NJSCUA is taking the much needed initiative in the NJ area and merely coordinating and organizing this program for the benefit of its Members & Umpire's and to everyone interested outside of NJSCUA.

Why should an Umpire undergo Training Program on Cricket Laws?


For as long as cricket has been played there have been independent & competent 'Umpires' to ensure observance of its Laws, with Scorers' to record accurately what happens on the field.  The word 'Umpire' is from the Old French word 'Nompere' which means; not equal or not part of, i.e. not a member of one of the teams or 'impartial'. The game thus  genuinely needs not just independent, but also competent 'officials' to ensure smooth conduct, without which the game survivability becomes a issue.

To maintain that independence & competence means that Umpires' (and Scorers') should serve only one master, which is, The Laws of Cricket.  To become a competent Umpire, you must be prepared to study the Laws of Cricket and its playing conditions. Umpires' of cricket like any other profession need training. There is always a responsibility on the individual to make sure that his/her study and evaluation of performance is constant away from formal sessions.

Learning how to become a competent and a confident Umpire is not like taking home a 'Highway Code-version' of the MCC Laws of Cricket and flicking through it over the weekend or spare time.  The price of guaranteeing such independence & competence is to actually get trained to become - and to remain the best, as highly trained, highly qualified, competent and professional as possible.  The better, more accomplished and confident you are, the more enjoyable it is, besides it not only gains the respect of the players & your peers, it also makes the role more rewarding and, in turn, the day more interesting and enjoyable for you and for everyone else on the field of play.

To be an effective grade cricket Umpire, there is a requirement to have a continuous improvement cycle and become a better Umpire year after year, regardless of what grade you officiate.  This improvement cycle serves several purposes, some of which are increased performance satisfaction, increased respect from players and peers and an opportunity to progress to higher levels.  The majority of cricket Umpires' do little in the non playing season.

An important part of preparing for the forthcoming new season includes the attendance and training opportunity, before the season is about to commence.  Some of the "questions" or a list of "things to do" in preparation for next season\game that an 'enthusiastic' Umpire should be asking are;

1.   Are you prepared for the new season\game?
2.   Are you approaching every match in a conscientious manner?
3.   Do you know the aspects of your Umpiring that needs work to improve your performance?
4.   Are you ready to step up a gear when required?
5.   How are you preparing for the increased intensity as the season progresses?
6.   Are you looking forward to the tough periods?
7.   Will you enjoy the scrutiny and learn from any criticism?
8.   Are you ready to review and revise your signals and techniques?
9.   Are you always going to be in position?
10. Will you be able earn the respect of the players and your peers instead of expecting it to come?
... and so forth...

Under the Laws of Cricket the the powers of an Umpire is very wide & the Umpires' decision is final, thus, with that power comes responsibility. To answer all the above questions and competently fulfill that responsibility bestowed on the Umpire, adequate knowledge & training on Cricket Laws are needed.

Besides all of these, many Cricket Leagues, like NJSCUA which has already taken the lead in this area, are now taking a serious view about the qualification and competence of an Umpire and have started a mechanism of having multiple grades of Umpires', purely based on their qualification, experience, knowledge, professional decision making ability and competence and there are obvious rewards for being a top rated Umpire.

In conclusion, Cricket, is like so many sports, needs competent Umpires' to officiate so that others may enjoy the sport.  With a deep love for cricket and a firm commitment to improve overall Umpiring standards as well as generally improving on the knowledge of Cricket Laws for everyone who shares the same views, NJSCUA, is attempting to provide processes that will help each Umpire (and scorer or players) feel confident and prepared going into round one of the new season.

Learning how to Umpire or score is not meant to be an academic exercise but to equip you to do the job to the best of your ability. This can give great personal satisfaction and not only help gain the respect of the players but make the day more interesting and enjoyable for you and for everyone else connected with the game.

This as a personal invitation to consider becoming a competent\certified Umpire (or Scorer) and thereby making the third team of a match.  You do not have to have played the game but it is an advantage. The duties are not too onerous, but you do require some level of fitness and a desire to "Get it right", and have time to fit it into your busy lifestyle.  This is an ideal opportunity for an enthusiastic Umpire (and Scorer) to participate in these development programs and mix with fellow Umpires' and Scorers' and to  progress up the ladder, if you so wish, with the help of a Training Officer.  These Training Officers are available to assist you develop the skills, both on and off the field.

Information and Overview about "USACUA\WICUA" Umpire's Certification Program:


Here is a brief overview of the overall Certification process as stipulated by the USACUA:

1) Year 1 - USACUA - Preliminary Written Exams (Level-1):
Here is a brief overview;  
     a) The course involves up to a total of 70 hours – and a minimum of 60 hours – of in-class training, combined with practical sessions.
     b) These sessions are scheduled for a duration of FOUR (4) hours each weekend, at a predetermined date/time/place, which NJSCUA will be arranging.
     c) There shall be a minimum attendance requirement of 75% in order for members to qualify as candidates for a subsequent examination.
     d) This first of these examinations will be for the “USACUA Preliminary Written Examination Certification”.
     e) This examination will be administered to qualifying Training members in April (each enrollment year) by USACUA along with all its other qualifying members from outside New Jersey.

This course has been designed to meet the training and education needs of Umpires' registered, who have made a commitment to Umpiring and seek to attain a higher standard of performance through continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. 

Each session concentrates on MCC Laws related to specific topics, with special emphasis on those most likely to be administered during matches. But this is not 'rote-learning' - learners will not just understand what the Laws say but why they say it. A considerable amount of home study is also required, together with regular written work. In addition to assessment throughout the course, this course concludes with a multiple choice/multiple option assessment.

The course covers key aspects of man-management; conflict resolution; communication skills; field-craft techniques; use of body language, humor and personality; duty of care, etc, needed for any on-field decision. In other words, all the basic personal skills, qualities and attributes necessary for controlling the conduct of the players and a match.

2) Year 2 - USACUA - Final Written Exams (Level - 2) & WICUA - Final Written Exams (Level - 3):
    * USACUA - Final Written Exams  (Level - 2) - Members who have passed the USACUA Preliminary Written Examination by fulfilling the minimum passing requirements set forth by the Training Committee and have attended a minimum of 75% of additional training sessions will qualify to appear for the USACUA Final Written Examination.

    * WICUA - Final Written Exams (Level - 3) - Members who have passed the USACUA Preliminary Written Examination and the USACUA Final Written Examination by fulfilling the respective minimum passing requirements set forth by the Training Committee and have attended a minimum of 75% of additional training sessions will qualify to appear for the WICUA Final Written Examination.

3) Year 3 - USACUA - Practical Exams & Oral Exams (Level - 4):
* Members who have passed all of the above Examinations by fulfilling the respective minimum passing requirements set forth by the Training Committee and have attended a minimum of 75% of additional training sessions will qualify for a set of six Practical Assessments and the WICUA Final Oral Examination.
* These two examinations together are considered to be the final phase in becoming a “Fully Certified” Umpire of the USACUA (and, by extension, of the WICUA).  In this phase, the practical assessments shall carry 60% weight and the oral examination, 40%.
* This course contains full season's practical Umpiring experience - a minimum of 6 completed match appointments - in an appropriate level of cricket.  Learners' performances during this time will be independently assessed by specialist USACUA's Assessors over a number of matches.

Important notes about the examinations:
- All written examinations are normally administered in April of any given year at a date/time/location of USACUA’s choosing.  The same will be notified well in advance.
- Candidates qualifying for any of these examinations in any given year shall appear for and take such examination in the April of the following year.
- Practical assessments shall be scheduled for qualifying candidates by the Training Committee during the US cricket season following the April examinations.
- Candidates who qualify for these practical assessments and are provided with a schedule are expected to contact their USACUA-approved assessors to coordinate specific locations, dates, and times for each of their six assessments.
- The WICUA Final Oral Examination will be administered by a WICUA Training Committee member, usually in person, within the USA.

A few notes about the training sessions:
- These sessions will be held every Saturday or Sunday, for about 4+ hours duration, starting at a date/time/location of NJSCUA’s choosing.
- The sessions will be largely conducted as interactive discussions as opposed to lectures.
- On a regular basis, we shall invite certain experienced Umpire's and/or former Cricketer's or Match Officials to augment these training sessions. On yet other days, we would have practical and video demonstrations.
- The sole focus shall be on MCC Laws of Cricket.
- After each successful completion of Training Course or Assessment, appropriate level certificate will be issued to the candidates at a date/time/location of USACUA's and or NJSCUA's choice.


Join... and...Try a taste of life on the centre pitch!!!